IoaBW Protectorate Act

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The Isles of a Better World Protectorate Act was a Liberalian Law. It concerns the region "Isles of a Better World," with which Liberalia no longer has any link. It was repealed by a unanimous 11-0 vote on October 6, 2006.

[edit] The Bill


From the time we secure regional interests, the region of IoaBW will come under Liberalian control.

Clause Two

IoaBW will be ran by a provincial government on this forum. Laws made in the provincial government will only affect IoaBW, unless adopted by the Liberalian parliament. IoaBW will be ran by an ambassador from Liberalia, the only Liberalian citizen allowed to vote within IoaBW government, one of the region's original natives and former delegate Northern Sushi. Debate however will be opened to all forum members, whether an IoaBW provincial citizen or a Liberalian citizen.

Clause Three

IoaBW will adapt all Liberalian laws. Liberalia will not adapt any IoaBW laws. IoaBW provincial citizens may vote in parliament for laws, but cannot vote for Liberalian elected officials. This bill cannot be repealed.

Clause Four

It is to be Liberalia’s responsibility to defend IoaBW."

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